A Stop at The Pie Ranch: California State Route 1

"Did you just see that sign for pie?" 

We were cruising Highway 1 and on our way into The Bay Area when we came upon this amazing surprise. We were expecting maybe a tiny farmstand on the side of the road showcasing a handful of leftover since it was so late in the day. Instead, we found an adorable store front + pie shop with an enormous farm and cooking school on grounds. The store was full of gorgeous produce grown and harvest just a short walk away from where we were standing. There were also locally made dry goods, crafts for sale. We started picking out some veggies to take with us...and that's when we spotted the beautiful treats looking back at us from behind the pastry case. There was fresh bread, beautiful pies, galettes and lots of other treats. All of the flours, fruits and veggies used in their sweet or savory pies were made on site as well. We each picked out a galette to enjoy before hitting the road again.

Honestly, that was a big mistake and we left wishing we had bought a full-sized pie instead. Next time, we'll take the lot.