Tunes for Cruisin'

Full Playlist

Life on the road goes hand in hand with our favorite music. Over the course of our travels, we've found ourselves coming back to these tracks. We think it's time to share the joy these songs continue to bring us and each track has been thoroughly tested. Below is a little backstory for each song. Enjoy! 

1. Pretty self-explanatory

2. Driving the Pacific Coast Highway

3. Pretending like we were driving away to an Italian holiday in the summertime

4. Instant sunshine/tropical vibes

5. Listened to this as we drove through New Mexico and reminisced being in Baja for the previous month

6. The Wild West in a song and the album we listened to while driving across Utah and Nevada, watched lots of Mr. Robot  

7. San Francisco 

8. The gorgeous drive to The Wall during our time in Baja

9. Morning coffee at a pull off while driving Tioga Pass in the summertime

10. A driving favorite for the both of us for the past few years

11. Takes us aboard The Belafonte, remembering this song while star gazing

12. Found this track while using WIFI at Baja Beans in Mexico, listened to on many lonely stretches of road

13. A sunset drive through Big Sur

14. Listened to this soundtrack on repeat while driving The Loneliest Road In America after starting the series Stranger Things

15. Drive is the perfect soundtrack for driving

16. Dancing and singing along to this in a dive bar in Missoula, Montana on one of the best nights with the best people after the best day and the best food. 

What's on your playlist? Comment below and let us know! We're always looking for new music.